How To Earn Money Online With Your Phone Straight To Paypal

I’m going to show you exactly how to start making money online with your Phone, Android phone, iPhone doesn’t really matter which smart phone you use. But these are gonna be ways to earn money online using your phone and they’re gonna pay you in PayPal.

These aren’t gonna be rewards or iTunes cards is gonna be straight to PayPal I’m gonna show you six different apps that you can use to start making money and then at the end I’m going to show you my favorite one that I like the best.

So the first one is going to be Surveys on the Go. So you can find it in either the App Store or the Google Play Store. What you’re going to be doing is you’re just going to be taking surveys.

Okay, you can you know like Just surveys really during the day and you can just take your phone with you could be anywhere you want do a survey and get paid for it and in and the more surveys that you Do the more money you’re going to make okay?

So this is something that you can take with you all the time if you have your smartphone is really mad at Android iPhone Everybody hopefully has an iPhone now if you still have a flip phone you might want to upgrade to a smart phone to make this Work for you. Okay. So the next one it’s going to be a Field agent now, this is really one. I like this one because what this does is is You’re going to take your phone with you and you’re going to go out to different areas out when you’re out shopping That doesn’t mean you have to You know always go out and do that But when you’re out and about and you go shopping and if you’re get up stuff You can become what is called a field agent.

And what you do is you’re going to be looking at different Like displays you want to see if they’re how they look and you want to You know like like this display right here, you’re gonna you’re gonna give feedback to this company and you’re gonna say okay in this store this display Looks good. It looks nice and you’re gonna get paid to do that. Okay, so you’re gonna be helping these businesses with their Their store inventory you want to make sure the inventory looks good that it’s not You know scattered all over the place.

Okay, and you’re going to give feedback to that then you can start and you can make Money doing that. I’m gonna pay you out in PayPal and you could take this with you Too, you know, you could use this on your iPhone on your smartphone doesn’t really matter. Okay, so Field agent is gonna be the next one Now the next one it’s going to be panel app.

Okay, this is gonna be you can use any type of IPhone you want with this now panel app is gonna be an app that you download you can use The app store and you can use Google Play What this is gonna do is it’s just going to be an app on your phone and on you don’t even have to do anything all you have to do is just What it’s gonna do is just it’s gonna record what you do on your phone, okay This is there’s no privacy to this.


All they’re going to be doing is they’re going to be just researching. How you Interact with your phone what apps you use? Why you use them? Apps use the most and what that’s going to do is just going to give data to this company they’re going to be able to Go to the companies that create apps so they can better create apps, you know, maybe companies like Apple will be able to They’ll they’ll have a better experience with the phone. Okay? so All you’re gonna be doing is just putting this on your phone and they’re gonna collect data on what you do with your iPhone okay, they’re not gonna There’s no privacy here. They’re not gonna like they’re just looking at your What you’re doing? Okay Like like how many apps do you download or how many apps do you play with or do you play with games do you play? with Financial apps okay. There’s just certain things They’re not gonna they’re not gonna like say well, you know, they don’t care about your texting. All right, they don’t care about your phone Anything like that.

They just care about your app usage. Like what do you use? How long you use it? How often do you use it? And when you give that data to them then they can sell that data make money and you get to get paid for that Okay, and that’s going to be paid to your PayPal account? The next one is going to be featured points. Okay, so this is going to be both iPhone and Android And what this is you’re going to download free apps Okay you download the free apps and you have to actually open the apps up and you have to kind of play with the apps a Little bit and then you can get paid for that Okay so you have to actually physically download these apps that they’re that they’re asking and you have to play with them for a little bit and then you’re gonna earn points and get Paid for that.

Okay, so you get paid in PayPal you get Amazon You get all of these Starbucks. Okay. So what you’re gonna do is just download the app So you can’t just download the apps and not do anything You actually have to open up the apps Now if you if you’re like me and you’d like to download a ton of apps this is gonna be a great Little website that you can do. Okay, and they’ll pay you out in PayPal here Looks like they’ve already paid out over five point two million dollars, which is huge Okay That’s a lot of money that people have earned just from downloading apps Now when you if you kind of just you don’t really know what what they do is They you download these apps and then it gives feedback to the app creators So the people that create the apps they get information on whether you like this app whether you didn’t like this app They’re gonna get some information that so they can help improve Their apps and you’re gonna help them improve their apps Now the one I really like is gonna be apt trailers, okay, so app trailers is good.

I love movies I like to go into movies and app trailers will let you make some you know Earn some money Through it says they’ll give you Fast cash through PayPal and all you’re going to be doing is you’d that you’re going to be looking at? trailers for up-and-coming movies and you’re going to be helping them to Better understand whether the trailer works and whether it doesn’t you know? the trailer for a movie is the huge marketing aspect of any type of movie and a trailer can actually make or break whether a Movie is going to be successful in the movie theater. So you come along with your your iPhone your Google or your Android and you help these companies to better understand if their trailer to that movie is going to be Success you just give feedback to that and you can earn points The last one is going to be I bow tie I like this one because we shop all the time we go to the grocery store and we and What you know you go to our store all the time.

It’s just something you do so all you’re gonna be doing here is you’re going to be going to grocery store and you’re gonna be Scanning in your receipt from the grocery store Once you do that then you’re going to earn points and you’re gonna get up be able to get paid They pay out in both PayPal and in and venmo. Okay, so It’s something that you could you know, you go to the store maybe everyday it doesn’t really matter You can go to grocery store. You can go to Other places you just scan in your receipt. They understand What you should you know what you shop for and what you got and you can make money with it it’s really the easiest one out there because All you have to do is just scan your receipt and then it and then they take care of the rest I mean you don’t have to do anything and I go grocery shopping seems like almost a daily basis So all I do is scan in the receipts and I get an iron point and I make money with that Alright, so, there you go.

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